Designated Liar

I still sort of swing around

you are always there, writing.
It makes me kind of mourn the whore.

the Lady of the Mountain.
The openness, the hippie town

goddess act.
You were hoping to come back home.
Having chosen the wrong route.

I don’t believe in love but you do,

Just like you believe in swooning wordly on demand and friend to the lesbian bards and anti-social flirt boys.

community like you with
fresh vegetables and farmer’s market mama

how tired you are.
Much more tired than me.

sour in my lane

only when I smell leaves do I miss you
or when I take pills at hotels.

since I also made you look a mirror in the eye,
enjoy your wrinkles and
your wine.


Charismatic Mountain

She was
discovering me

and enjoying it.

She thought
herself better than me

and lied to herself about what I taught her.

Her words
needed an impetus

she was no full time clock punching poet.

She used her sex
Again and again

Another victim along her charismatic mountain…