A Falling Apart Marriage

When he
let’s me down &
I find myself in that
same old place at least I know where
down is.


Quincy Prick

Frigid mandolin
strings I walk and talk
until you come again
as a rigid line
to freedom and quiet.


you were the
tender soul who
told me think before

because you cant go back

you cant go back
&lace up the slits
up the back carried

sores and slights

so come down,
in the night
and know everything is alright
I been there

and I don’t want to go back.

The Struggle

I keep shouting and
banging the barrier
with prayer bound fists
the persistence
of witness the blanket
of the shorn
the blackness
still can’t get there

Con Junk Shun

Know you
in a way
certainly not biblical.
Behind the curtain.

Another tired testimony to the
relentless pursuit for God.

Looking Again

I see you there
wide for you lies
heavy for your words

I see you there
growing dead and
lurking jubilant

I see you there
all regret and
numerous agonies

I see you there
and raise you a here
and leave you a piece

I see you there
having an easier flow
and a natural linger

I see you there
never ends
I still see you there

With Misdirection

Taken the word
of the day to a romantic
get away

What happen to your spontaneous refrain?

Mama, it ain’t the same.
Shouldn’t it just come to you as the
daughter of the grand artist?

Be you better off with such lofty
community creation,
your failure not far behind.


It simply won’t
do, this lack of
fruit, words bound
by jealousy’s regard
green frost on dying delusions,
forget the moment
when girlish gush met
fallen sweetness
rotting fruit of trying times.

Missing that rush of a leitmotif, you
stumble to new baptism.