More Ways to Be Easy

The best time was

when your hand lay on my heart

and you dozed off.


The Normals

I’m sick of fucking poems.

Poems, and men in dress suits.

All For Forever

Bored so I

check my phone

my brain too slow

what else to know

I check my phone

&curse the clock

&hope for chatter

&hope for a fuck.

It’s quiet and I’m ok with it.

It’s quiet and my brain says what the fuck you want?


No, mama. 

Just to not wonder what this is all for


Not A Shoe In The Sky

I write down words so maybe I will write down words, on a northeasterly zephyr in lemon sour sky…

no need to ration your poems about poetry and how art is dead in a midnight veil you can’t seem to

make a rhyme count, make the one two punch spiked in only one swing an endless ribbon of a

has-been Poetess.

No more new scars.

The Fluffy Maiden

Made up of idealism
fluffy maiden?

Thou art so fair when you
circle ’round there, tearing up the

rusty dirt, the soil of good sir mockery
making all things flockery

feather v’s to frosty night.

Just like others, a maiden’s plight

zeros and 1s making history of the messy scene

sorry old concept aged like wine in a fine time
of fright and compromise

cast a crown shadow, crossing the meadow
maiden breath blue frozen air

with the last phrase of winter on good sir’s tongue.

Forgetting Coffee

Forgetting coffee

having purchased this and that like a girl with money and

forgetting coffee

like the world could spin passed chunks of space sighing without the coffee

and my ankle hurts my ankle always hurts as parts of me are rotting right now as I am

forgetting coffee

got my new mug got carried away as body aches like I’m twice my age I must be because

forgetting coffee.

My smallest problem is forgetting the coffee.

Hmmm. I’m really blessed for

forgetting coffee.

Curing Gifts

the words well remembered you
rolled down the window in my AM
only Ford Mustang and
flicked a spent smoke
looking for the 5-0
thinking that time’s a line
that never ends with my hand
resting on the gear shift
your hand drifts and joins
control over blue metal America
made dream machine

we were the shit in that car