Somewhere In the Middle

I remember
exactly what it feels it
to vociferate those pleas in
that place.



Could it be
linked there
by the log jam pier
afloat with the rest
of your supplies?

…until Armageddon my friend.

Strong Watch

I was yet still restless
and found out
how devastated the jump start leap
instant regret many of
many actions letting go
with no
amount of grace a mistake
no proper Baby Girl should commit

cherish and be cherished
be noble be gone
the story would have to stand on a heavy stack of bloody pulp papers
that this time you would not fold
it was goodbye you forgot my face
erased all my devotion
I could not let go
and lo and behold a goodly reason

So I discovered you were a child molester
and if you don’t stop, you will see my words
without end.

No more victims on my strong watch.

Another Day

Another day where
bare sidewalk air smack
who is who
chasing a formula
a fall to new crack
positive what
seeded glut
lonely them
only wonder during down time
when’s come around time
when will
the one be
want to be

negative flow
gone is gone
missing the knowing
glowing prose is born

bye bye talent brain


That’s all there is;

Her voice echoed over the miles
and a best of all things flies back…

My heart, the knowing.
Benediction for an amorous child.

You’re wild but I’m not biting.
you are hope to me.