The Cost of Being Me

Biggest restraining

Is of my personality.

The stress of it means I don’t say no to myself.

Just part of the cost of being me.


Universe Full of Answers

It’s a lot of

undefinition and

lack of lack when

it comes to the figuring out and in

of life and sin so

before you define it

admit it

you know something about nothing and

that’s nothing indeed

to squawk about.

Single Momhood

The separation has been difficult. 

Loss of his income, but I don’t have to provide for him anymore.

Loss of his support, but I don’t have to clean up his messes anymore.

Loss of my belief in love. 

Yes, the separation has been difficult. 

Next Time

Smacking the

bottom of the container

no more metaphors

shake loose

hand me those pretty words,

sweet boy.

Hormone Sucker

Ha ha

Stimulant addict

Soft coffee

Coming down

Buck flip

East Japip

Start again

Laugh to ten

Sleep till rain

Remain the same

Poke it twice

Just choke

Say it ain’t thusly

Again again!

Oh look