Washed Away ( And Then There Was Bitterness)

To wash away all
my bitterness it belongs
not in me but
to wash it all away?

never know and never forget
again I’ll wash it all away
I won’t give in and play
pick the scab or seize the day.

Me, the person who used to be,
the person you
used to see,
as mesmerizingly honest and surprisingly
raw for raw’s sake,

and when
you wake and I am three mile markers back
you’ll laugh you loved me

when I was the go girl and now I’m the go away girl says your brain, made

with ecstasy for your fancy frame
but wash away the bitter babe,

hands with my save
your the essence who knew the flood
was coming so you said forever and meant hardly never

knowing full well the bitter wouldn’t come out with the toughest acting
or french fry fracking

not totally lacking but don’t enjoy you still in your hay day when I’m
all washed away.