I curse

my weak as fuck

memory it fails me

and I dont remember the sensation no

recollection mention

my weak as fuck memory

always failing me


On the Hood

I smoked before and after,
the heavy hands.

the not quite relaxed enough front seat finger fuck.

But the words…
the words…

Who’s pussy is that?
Daddy’s pussy.


three sixty to the real red.
more the years,
more the tears.

you are going to remember this day,

and who gave it to you.

yes, I do.

The Trig Side

Look at me pretending 

like this isn’t the worst

 in a long time yea you know 

all these unfortunate little bad things 

bringing me to me knees 

 maybe I will try to shut 

up when this happens but it won’t 

matter anyway because everyone is on to me and knows I’m shit I’m gloomy I’m overreacting. 

Good thing I continuously involve people in my life. 

Good thing I have kids. 

Good thing I have twitter and blogs.

 Shut up cry baby. 

No one does chemicals like you.