FanGirl Ages

Your ego
eager slut
you put out in your proud marketing way
remember you said your husband had a girlfriend and you,
a man from Australia, a kid on his lap
why is it you still float up or remain
like tea leaves that hold their breath
instead of telling the future,
you look older, like death approaching and
don’t worry
I will remember you as beautiful even if
you crawl to me with bloody lips and
more words and poems
about flying.


The Kitchen Trance

Pill popping
mom’s cooking
Chagrin memory
Laughing selectively

who would you fell, smite as a tell would you

fall as you slay, slake as tower topple

utterances sucked to climax

you birth nothing but crustacean shelled disciple tales

make me your slave.


Were it to happen,
perchance to perfume you once more,
with my lost mind, a rotten crime,
sandwiched mistakes, heart muscle breaks,
given a chance would it be

The Hard Things Pass

Down different
when I have to hide
in separate brain
and apart pathways
neurons going on
to think of you, you, you
whoever may make
my dreams come true
my pain go silent
the hard things pass

Four the Rain

waiting for the pill to wash
waves a pushing, sleepy slosh
how many blows tonight, how much effort
how much prays will save the days
end one loss, two to gain, three a stab, four the rain
in my tires and in my brain.

Petty Little Fairy

Wanting to kill you
since you left me
but I check on you
(Joyce Carol Oates and its ok to avenge)
my health says no. Let it go.
Just desserts you a third me still a second and that makes me no less than you but…
I’ve wanted you to disappear if you aren’t here.
But you won’t.
Me, a petty little fairy.


in the muckity muck like
a down on his luck flat tire truck
enters the race admist blaring
sirens with deadly blond curls
and Caucasian complexions
wrists and worlds to
limit infinite short expressions 
bark baritone a moan
until a final cascade.