Foster Apparent

Adopt a word and make it
whole the soul is missing
ripe for the kissing
inject the stranger
things to mean what

you mean.


Such A Thing As

Too much freedom…

Too much “have to”…

Too much chocolate…

Humanity Horizon

You write something in the rarity of a moment.

You wish things with childish regret.

You eventually sleep vulnerable, by the same moon as us all.

The Original

to see if me
and you add up to two
thus jam us in to what’s rumored
to come
Striped stripped
you still hold your
variegated promise
marked on, those are my scars all raised
Husked land
of ripples thought
I read your marks like tea
leaves, don’t be misplaced my rune dream
just be.


Packing house
each room this
behind the ear
and fishbowl
eyes in conference
falling not so free
mauling my energy
the last is my mouth
taped and against
your reconnaissance 
convinces me
you’re the two,
no, the three of
Please don’t sew my eyes, 
I need those, to see your pain–