The Unfortunate Truth

I just want to tell you
The things I think
When I look in your eyes
I love you
Its that simple


Ten Years Younger

I don’t know if its torture

you priss

but give me

it all

A Place With No One Looking Back

Lemon bite that

silver pocked rocky pile

walked right by today then remembered

darkened edges blue and orange shadows

barely met eyes once today

melt to cerulean, puddle to sweat grey

you’ve made me so sad

you rumor of a mountain

can’t have

cold interruptions

Its a Miracle Wherever You Is

Its a miracle
wherever you is.
a baffling mixture of man + boy

in real life I would show you
whats important~

salicious shifting plates
as of late
per design, you should break free
a naked future you refuse to feed
you do, cant confess
to me, no good in lots of
ways, but some of them
you should caress
with care discern what’s real

the low odor of desire
+ want for nothing
manufactured little ghost like

a gossamer rumor…