The Shaking House

Poised at the top

vinyl lined stairs

elephant framed

eyes meet

I didn’t do it.

Don’t understand 

like the bed squeaks that time.


How a Mind Works & the Unknown Variable


From a place behind here,
a brick wall suddenly clear
its quite simple
(yet I’m gesticulating)
you X
and so I Y
why why why
if X = my heartache
would you ever cross

the street,

your t’s

your eyes,
empty and wide


the man I knew
the unknown variable.

Genuine Wine

I thought
about it and
realized you probably
had a thought yourself

grow and have grown.
peace and no guilt for that piece
of myself
who myself is supposed to be.

genuine wine was not drunk


Hard to

trick the inner

eye to cling to your in

side beauty but I’ve doing 

it all the same and my gem girls 

will too.


Recapture or
revive the va va voom
hungry to know me
you don’t see me anymore
as digestible or delicious
what wishes would I make if time
went on?
Maybe satisfaction is overrated and attraction is outdated and maybe we just masturbated. Mentally…
Because it wasn’t love.
Too digital for official

I trust you’ve found someone new
to stimulate you. I won’t bother

Just need to be patient, for the next muse to come…

He Is More Gray

stupid memories
stupid dreams

the possibility path who
made me young

a prize
time is gone and

I still think I let you down

I still think I don’t
write like you thought I could

I think I failed you
and every Daddy after…